Kansas Land Snail – Allogona profunda

Allogona profunda (Say, 1821)
Broad-banded Forestsnail
Family Polygyridae

Allogona profunda [~27 mm, Location: Johnson Co, KS]

Identification: 19-27 mm (about 1 inch), subglobose, aperture reflected, umbilicus wide, a thickening or wide tooth on basal loop of peristome; according to Leonard (1959) the brownish color banding may or not be present in Kansas specimens.

Habitat: wooded floodplains and hillsides are suitable habitat, especially with flowing water in a stream or river channel; associated with woody and leafy debris.

Map: orange = county with previous published collection; yellow = new collection in previous county; green = new county, purple = other county with museum specimen in database.

Kansas Status: This species is confined to the northeast corner of the state, probably at the edge of its western range.

U.S. Map: orange = Hubricht (1985); green = other states and purple = extirpated (NatureServe 1/2017)



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