Kansas Land Snail – Anguispira alternata

Anguispira alternata (Say, 1816)
Flamed Tigersnail
Family Discidae

Anguispira alternata [~17 mm, Location: residential flower garden, Crawford Co, KS]

Identification: about ¾ inch, globose, apertural lip not reflected, umbilicus wide, reddish-brown stripes on a yellowish background.

Habitat: forest, either floodplain or upland, associated with logs, rotting and hollow trees, and rocks and outcrops. I’ve found them in large numbers after a rain crawling over boulders and rock ledges in Lake Crawford State Park. They are also found in “weedy roadsides and along railroads” (Leonard 1959) and in residential areas in and around gardens and outbuildings. They may be found in the dirt or burrowed into the rotted underside of logs and in residential gardens.

Map: rose = baseline distribution (Leonard 1959 and Hubricht 1985); green = new county record, black dot = new recollection.

Kansas Status: widely distributed in eastern third of the state. It has been recollected in several baseline counties and found in two new counties (in the period 2007-2016).

Other Images and Notes:

The specimen shown at the top is about 3/4 inch (17 mm), but you will find youngsters at just over 1/8 inch and some larger. The juveniles (see below – newly hatched with eggs) look just like the adults, only smaller and the edge of the last whorl may be slight sharper (more “angular”), less rounded.

This is an Anguispira from a midden site over 2,000 years old.


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