Kansas Land Snail – Xolotrema fosteri

Xolotrema fosteri (F. C. Baker, 1921)
Bladetooth Wedge
Family Polygyridae

Identification: shell imperforate, large parietal tooth, subglobose, rounded periphery, shell usually >17 mm, tooth in upper part of outer lip.

Habitat: woodland species, associated with woody debris, limestone hillsides and outcrops, large boulders.

Map: orange = county with previous published collection; yellow = new collection in previous county; green = new county, purple = other county with museum specimen in database. NOTE: A new finding in Lyon (LY) county from the Emporia State Univ Campus Woods by Greg Sievert. Map to be updated later.

Kansas Status: distributed in eastern half of the state in suitable habitat.

U.S. Map: yellow = new species; orange = Hubricht (1985); green = other states and purple = extirpated (NatureServe 1/2017)


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