Kansas Land Snail – Lamellaxis sp

Lamellaxis sp
an Awlsnail
Family Subulinidae


[left specimen from residential yard, right specimen from native prairie]

Identification: conical shell, no lamellae or teeth, lip not reflected, size varies by species up to 10-12 mm and shell varies from not glossy to very glossy and from weakly to strongly striate.

Habitat and Status: Lamellaxis is not a “Kansas” snail as such as no continued survival and reproduction is known. This genus is part of a family of tropical snails also know as Allopeas, likely introduced as a so-called “hot house” snail, making its way around through the “lawn and garden” plant trade. Bergey et al. (2014, “Trading in snails: plant nurseries as transport hubs for non-native species”) found it in a few Oklahoma nurseries. This appears to be a very uncommon snail in central North America, showing up sporadically in databases (within the 4-state area, only a few records in Missouri and Oklahoma). The first shells (compared to databases) in Kansas were found in Crawford County, in my backyard flower garden litter, in three separate years (2007 with live specimens and 2015 and 2016 as only shells). A single shell was found in a small native prairie in December 2012 (O’Malley West Prairie of the Southeast Kansas Biological Station). This latter collection is curious.


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