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This site is about the Mollusks of Kansas, focusing on the gastropods. Checklists are provided and some photos as well.

The living mollusks of Kansas include the gastropods (snails and slugs) and bivalves (clams and mussels). Gastropods can be found both in water (lakes and rivers) and on the land. This web site serves as a master list (work in progress) of the Mollusks of Kansas. It depends on the works of many malacologists and ecologists who have surveyed the state in the past and continue to do so now.

The two basic lists are of Land Snails and Slugs, then of Aquatic Snails. To round out the Mollusks of Kansas, I have also provided a list of Bivalves (Sphaerids and others) generated from those who really know them. You can link to the checklists from the menu bar above. In terms of the checklists, no one, in any short period of time, will be able to produce a definitive list that would please all of the workers. These lists are presented to make the information more available to more people, to serve as a guide or “running tally”, and to stimulate more work.

From the checklist of Kansas Land Snails or selecting “Land Snail Species” from the Category list (right side menu) you can access individual posts on each species or, in some cases, a genus or family of land snails. The posts include images, and information on identification, habitat, and distribution.

Who am I?

I am Joe Arruda, Professor of Biology in the Dept. of Biology, Pittsburg State University. I’ve been collecting land snails since 2008.



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